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Our Mission is to provide access to justice for the poor and the vulnerable. We realize justice has become very expensive and very slow to dispense in Canada. We realize our justice system is adversarial, thus our laws are not about justice but a process. In that context, we zealously advocate within the realm of the law to obtain the best results for our clients.



Mohamed A.Doli is the founder of Doli Law Offices, Barrister, Solicitor & Public Notary.


Personal Injury




Being involved in a car crash is one of the most traumatic events in an individual’s life and the results of such crashes can often have lifetime ramifications. It can result in physical, psychological and mental injuries and impairments which can destroy a person’s way of life and well-being. You need a lawyer who has experience in dealing with all the legal and healthcare issues that will inevitably arise from car crashes. You will need a lawyer who will understand and empathize with the difficult situation with care, compassion and practical approach to find timely resolutions for your particular needs. We have represented hundreds of individuals at all levels of insurance litigation and we have delivered excellent results for our injured clients.


The process of immigrating to Canada can be very difficult, frustrating and in some circumstances unattainable. Whether it is you who wishes to immigrate to Canada or you are sponsoring a family member to immigrate to Canada, you will need a legal attorney who has the skills and experience to navigate all the legal and bureaucratic steps to successfully resettle in Canada. We could provide legal assistance to help you achieve that goal in the most efficient and least stressful way possible.




Civil Litigation





Our lawyers provide legal advice and litigation support to individuals and businesses in Canada and abroad. The firm’s areas of practice include civil litigation, contract disputes, estate litigation, and commercial litigation.

Our lawyers bring a wealth of skills and expertise in litigation and dispute resolution.
We strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our client’s legal needs either by way of negotiated settlements or court judgments.

Our lawyers have appeared at all levels of court in Ontario as well as various administrative tribunals.




Dear Mohamed,
It is such a pleasure to know you and a privilege to work with you. Your depth of caring for your clients and the wonderful work that you do for them is invaluable. I wish that all people who need a lawyer could have your services.
With caring and admiration always,
-Karen Oyston
I have used the service of Mr. Mohaned Doli several times. His free consultations were invaluable. Where we needed help, Mr. Doli always jumped in and took care of them recovering us what was.

-Mohamed Ali
Principal, Burooj Academy

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